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In this series we take a look at the foundational truths understanding what and why we believe.

  Communion: What and Why we Celebrate
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 9, 2018
In this preview of our new series Pastor Debbie takes an in depth look at communion.
  Knowing What You Believe
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 16, 2018
Pastor Debbie outlines the first area covered in this series: What we believe and why.
  The Inspired Word of God
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 23, 2018
Pastor Debbie discusses what we believe about the Bible.
  Keep It Simple
Michael Masters
September 30, 2018
Administrative Pastor Micheal Masters talks about the basic truths of the Godhead.
  Work Out Your Salvation
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 7, 2018
Pastor Debbie discusses the fall of man and the need for Christ's redemptive work in our lives.
  The Gospel of Grace
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 14, 2018
This message discusses The Fall of Man and the Plan of Salvation.
  The New Birth, Repentance, Acceptance, and Eternal Security
Pastor Mike Masters
October 21, 2018
Pastor Mike touches on these topics in this sermon.
  Daily Christian Living 
The Goal
Dale Pugh
October 28, 2018
Dale shares the secret to daily Christian living.
  Water Baptism
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 4, 2018
Pastor Debbie explains the reasons behind water baptism and how it fits into living for God.
  The Lord's Supper
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 11, 2018
As we continue our series Back to Basics, Pastor Debbie talks about the reasons why we take communion.
  Baptism with The Holy Spirit
Pastor Mike Masters
November 18, 2018
Pastor Mike shares about the person, the promise and the power that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  The Fruit of the Spirit
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 25, 2018
Pastor Debbie talks about being cleansed, filled and having the fruit of the spirit in our lives.
  Advent: The Coming of Christ
Pastor Debbie Masters
December 2, 2018
Pastor Debbie introduces the season of Advent discussing the Coming of Christ.
 Promise and Light
Pastor Mike Masters
December 9, 2018
Pastor Mike shares about the promise of the Messiah.
  Wise Men & Wise Women Still Seek Him!
Pastor Debbie Masters
December 16, 2018
The wise in knowledge, wise in understanding of the times, the prepared and the prudent still seek the Lord.
  Christmas Vacation!
Pastor Debbie Masters
December 30, 2018
Neither God nor Satan takes a Christmas vacation. Therefore, let us enter 2019 determined, decisive and deliberate.
  Fervent & Devoted!
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 6, 2019
Pastor Debbie encourages us to not neglect our spiritual duties.
  Decisive in 2019
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 13, 2019
Pastor Debbie talks about being resolute and decisive in 2019.
  Pray Like 
It Matters
Pastor Mike Masters
January 20, 2019
Pastor Mike admonishes us to pray like it makes a difference.
  Wave Good Bye To Wavering
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 27, 2019
Pastor Debbie looks forward to a year of breakthrough and gaining momentum.
Pastor Debbie Masters
February 3, 2019
Pastor Debbie tackles the question of how do I determine what should remain fixed and what should shift or change?
  Blessing &
Pastor Debbie Masters
February 17, 2019
Pastor Debbie shares about lining with the blessing and favor of the Lord.
  Ready for The Second Coming of Jesus
Pastor Mike Masters
February 24, 2019
Pastor Mike puts the focus on who Jesus is, more so than when He's coming back.
  Final Judgment - Heaven & Hell
Pastor Debbie Masters
March 3, 2019
Pastor Debbie talks about the second coming of Christ, the final Judgment, Heaven and Hell.
Pastor Mike Masters
March 10, 2019
Pastor Mike shares foundational principles of Biblical healing.
  Church - 
Why it is Important
Virginia Higgins
March 24, 2019
Virgina talks about why attending church should be a valuable part of your walk with Christ.
  Family Sunday
Pastor Debbie Masters
March 31, 2019
Pastor Debbie talks about being a banner for Christ as a family and church.
  Tithes and Offerings
Pastor Debbie Masters
April 7, 2019
What does the Bible teach about Tithes and Offering? Learn what God says about money in this sermon on giving.
  The Christian & Civil Government
Pastor Mike Masters
April 14, 2019
Pastor Mike discuss how Christians interact with civil government.
  Hit or Miss
 Spiritual Warfare
Pastor Debbie Masters
April 28, 2019
Pastor Debbie encourages us to strike a blow against the enemy.
  Fight The
Good Fight
Pastor Mike Masters
May 5, 2019
Pastor Mike encourages us to embrace the spiritual battles knowing that in Christ the victory is ours.
  Clothed with Strength and Dignity
Pastor Debbie Masters
May 12, 2019
Pastor Debbie encourages our our women with this Mothers' Day message.
Rev. Dale Pugh
May 19, 2019
Dale walks through the practical way in which we can share our faith with others.
  What We Believe and Why Wrap Up
Pastor Debbie Masters
May 26, 2019
Pastor Debbie closes this series on the 23 core beliefs of our faith.

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