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Sometimes we have to tear down the old to build up the new. In this series we look at building upon a strong foundation.

Pastor Debbie Masters
September 8, 2019
Pastor Debbie introduces this new series, encourage us to become mature in our thinking as we are His workmanship.
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 15, 2019
Pastor Debbie talks about allowing the Lord to restore us into who He has designed us to be.
  A Man of the Hour
Pastor Mike Masters
September 22, 2019
Pastor Mike uses the book of Nehemiah to talk about being a man of vulnerability, responsibility and capability.
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 29, 2019
Pastor Debbie encourages us to be obedient as we put God's word in our hearts, and do what we know is right and good.
  Demolition Day
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 6, 2019
Pastor Debbie talks about demolishing the strongholds lodged in our mind!
  Demolition Day - Part 2
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 13, 2019
Part 2 on demolishing strongholds in your life.
  The Work of Restoration
Pastor Mike Masters
October 20, 2019
Pastor Mike teaches about learning to wait on God to make a way and the importance of people in your life.
  Built Into A Dwelling Place for Him
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 27, 2019
Pastor Debbie talks about having Jesus as the foundation we are being fitted together, built together and making a place for His manifested presence.
  Building on a Solid Foundation
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 3, 2019
Pastor Debbie shares about allowing the Lord to establish a firm blueprint for your life and family.
  Faith vs Discouragement
Pastor Mike
November 10, 2019
Pastor Mike talks about the encouragement of people working together to invest in each other and serve the Lord.
  With a Grateful Heart
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 17, 2019
Pastor Debbie encourages us to build one another up in faith.
  Our God Knows Best
Jeneen Jones
November 24, 2019
Jeneen shares with us that our God is a good, good Father.
  Building Your Life
Pastor Demond Robinson
December 1, 2019
Pastor Demond encourages us to build our lives intentionally and with the purpose of moving toward maturity.
  The Last Call
Pastor Mike Masters
December 29, 2019
Pastor Mike warns us not to get so comfortable in this world that we loose sight of Jesus, his spirit and the truth of the gospel.
  Blueprint for Hope
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 5, 2020
Pastor Debbie outlines the blueprint for having the hope of the Lord filling our lives.
  Blueprint for Hope 2
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 12, 2020
Pastor Debbie looks into the basis for the hope that we have.
  Blueprint for Hope 3
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 19, 2020
How does God's love impact our hope? Find out in this message by Pastor Debbie.
  Blueprint for Hope 4
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 26, 2020
Pastor Debbie continues our discussion on the foundation for hope in our lives.
  Turning Despair into Hope
Pastor Mike Masters
February 2, 2020
Pastor Mike shares how to turn despair into hope.
  Our Hope
Pastor Debbie Masters
February 9, 2020
There is hope for YOUR future! There is hope for OUR future!
  Blueprint for Hope - Roundup
Pastor Debbie Masters
February 23, 2020
Pastor Debbie closes out our series on a Blueprint for Hope.
  Blueprint for Change - 1
Pastor Debbie Masters
March 1, 2020
Pastor Debbie takes a look at change and how we can approach and respond to it.
  Blueprint for Change 2
Pastor Debbie Masters
March 8, 2020
Pastor Debbie talks about what it means to conform, transform, metamorphosis and to change.

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