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In this series we look at how we should respond to the authority and power God and His commandments.

  This Is My Name Forever
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 11, 2016
Who does God say that He is? Who does man say that He is? Who do you say that He is? All three questions are important to know.
  I AM
Pastor Debbie Masters
September 18, 2016
A look into who God is through the story behind the 10 Commandments.
  This Little Light
Courtney Renaud
September 25, 2016
In this abbreviated service, Courtney encourage us to be a light in our community as we prepare to participate in the Saint Ann Day Parade.
  Who Do You Say That I Am
Pastor Mike Masters
October 2, 2016
Understanding who Jesus is, and having a relationship with Him, will dictate how you live.
  No Other god Before Me
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 9, 2016
In this sermon Pastor Debbie looks at what it really means to have no other god before Him.
  Idol of Self and Others
Pastor Debbie Masters
October 16, 2016
Pastor Debbie warns us about the pitfalls of putting ourselves and others before God.
  The Image of God
Pastor Mike Masters
October 23, 2016
Pastor Mike talks about not falling in love with the world, but conforming to the image of God.
  What's In A Name?
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 6, 2016
Pastor Debbie looks at the importance of the mouth and the words we speak by unpacking the commandment to not take the name of the Lord in vain.
  Honor God's Name
Pastor Mike Masters
November 13, 2016
Pastor Mike continues our discussion on honoring the name of the Lord.
  Give Thanks to His Name
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 20, 2016
Pastor Debbie talks about being thankful to the Lord for all he has done.
  Remember The Sabbath
Pastor Debbie Masters
November 27, 2016
Pastor Debbie looks into the importance of the Sabbath.
  The Rest of Our Days
Pastor Mike Masters
December 4, 2016
Pastor Mike continues with the Lord's day and encourages us to consider how we use our time.
  Are The 10 Commandments Relevant Today?
Pastor Debbie Masters
December 11, 2016
Pastor Debbie takes some time to show the relevance of God's law for the New Testament Church.
  Honor Your Father and Mother
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 8, 2017
Pastor Debbie looks at the virtues of honoring God by honoring Your Father and Mother, with the promise that it will go well for you.
  Honor Your Father and Mother
Pastor Debbie Masters
January 22, 2017
Pastor Debbie puts today's focus on the word "Honor" as we continue to look at what it means to honor your father and mother.
  Obedience...Its for Your Own Good!
Courtney Renaud
January 29, 2017
While it doesn't always feel like it, God's commands are designed to benefit our lives. In the message, Family Life Pastor Courtney Renaud looks at the benefits of obedience.
  The Reason for Honor
Pastor Mike Masters
February 5, 2017
There is value in learning to honor others whether you are a student, spouse, employee or citizen. Pastor Mike talks about the reason for honor in this message.
  Thou Shall Not Murder
Pastor Debbie Masters
February 12, 2017
We dive beyond the obvious and into the heart of this commandment .
  Thou Shall Not Kill (Hatred)
Pastor Debbie Masters
February 19, 2017
Sometimes we are blinded with hatred. He who hates is a murderer at heart. He who hates lives in darkness. This message employees us to keep hatred from turning into sin.
  No Adultery
Pastor Mike Masters
February 26, 2017
Pastor Mike shares about the penalty, the pain, and the prevention of adultery.
  Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
Pastor Debbie Masters
March 5, 2017
Pastor Debbie dives deep into the heart of this commandment.
  Stop Thief!!!
Pastor Mike Masters
March 12, 2017
Pastor Mike dives into the commandment "Thou shall not lie".
  Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Pastor Debbie Masters
March 19, 2017
Pastor Debbie continues our discussion on the importance to not overlooking lies big and small.
  Thou Shalt Not Covet
Pastor Debbie Masters
April 2, 2017
In this message we look at Godliness with contentment in times of need.
  Hosanna, The King is Here
Pastor Mike Masters
April 9, 2017
With this Palm Sunday message Pastor Mike shares how blessed are the people that know the joyful, and triumphant soon coming King.
  A New Commandment
Pastor Debbie Masters
April 23, 2017
Pastor Debbie shares the truth of sin, the Holy Spirit, and the power to obey God's moral law.
  Keep My Commandments
Pastor Debbie Masters
May 7, 2017
Pastor Debbie talks about the virtue of keeping his commandments. It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody.
  In Step With The Holy Spirit
Pastor Mike Masters
May 14, 2017
Pastor Mike shares this Mother's Day message about the relevance of the Holy Spirit to His church.
  Forget Not All His Benefits!!!
Pastor Debbie Masters
May 28, 2017
Pastor Debbie reminds us of the benefits to being called by Christ.
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